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Terajoint is the industry standard in the range of prefabricated heavy duty movement joint systems, suitable for all large area construction methods for ground bearing and pile supported concrete floors. The cold drawn steel rails provide extremely durable protection to the slab aris’, making it ideal for floors in a heavy duty traffic environment. The system ensures reliable load transfer in formed free movement joints with openings of up to 20mm wide, and suitable for slab depths from 100mm upwards. (Available in Plain Steel or Hot Dip Galvanized finish, which means that the Terajoint system offers a solution for all operational environments.)

TERAJOINT transfers vertical loads between adjacent slabs, and minimise vertical displacement of the slabs. The load transfer system is accomplished by utilising high strength steel CANZAC Speed Plate dowels, moving within rigid plastic release sleeves. TERAJOINT can be supplied with various types of dowel systems, for contraction free movement joints. The limiting factor of load transfer in most cases, is the punching shear resistance of the concrete. It is recommended that no more than 50% of the applied load should be transferred by the load transfer system, the slab itself should be designed to carry the rest of the load.

The aris armouring is provided by 10x40mm cold drawn steel profiles, which are connected together by yieldable plastic bolts. The profiles are anchored into the slab by means of a number of 10x100mm welded shear connectors, clamped between the two steel profiles is a steel divider plates, which has the load transfer system positioned and attached to it. TERAJOINT are installed into position on the sub base using the supplied fixing pegs, and shimmed to the correct height, before the slab is cast. Once the concrete is placed, the shrinkage forces generated by drying concrete slabs, during the cure process, shears the plastic bolts connecting the two steel profiles together, which cause the joint to open. TERAJOINT permits the minor free slab movements, caused by drying shrinkage and thermal variations in both longitudinal and perpendicular directions of slab plane as required.

3 way and 4 way intersections are available in plain steel or Hot Dip galvanised steel .

Features and Benefits

  • Prefabricated leave-in-place free movement joint system with a variety of integral load transfer mechanisms to suit all floor loadings.
  • Heavy duty performance with 40mm x 10mm cold drawn steel for extreme armouring of joint arises.
  • Suitable for the high flatness category floor and super flat floor construction.
  • Fast track installation with a selection of fixing methods and accessories.



Ideal for floors in a heavy traffic environment.


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