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Greater Fatigue Resistance Than Conventional Straight Joints

The CANZAC ZIG ZAG™ Cover Plate Plus Joint was developed to offer greater fatigue resistance than conventional straight joints. When an armour joint opens more than 15mm and dynamic loads transversed the joint, it can cause impact damage to the joint itself and also to the material handling equipment (MHE).

Not only that, it leads into early maintenance issues, reduced (MHE) operating speeds and discomfort for the drivers of such equipment. CANZAC ZIG ZAG™ Plus incorporates several innovative design features. The most intelligent solution and the most advanced concrete floor joint in the industry. Our unique zig zag knuckle pattern technology leverages and breaks up the impact by distributing the dynamic loads as the material handling equipment (MHE) transverse the joint.

The Zig Zag™ knuckle pattern ensures a smooth transition across the joints up to 80mm wide. Zig Zag™ joints are heavy duty and robust and are engineered to outlast your floor. Choose CANZAC ZIG ZAG™ joints for maximum durability.

Depending on dynamic static loading Zig Zag™ joints can be designed with 6,10,15mm top plates and with our in-house Dowel Spacing programme. We can design shear dowel type and spacing for different slab thicknesses.

Zig Zag™ joints are available in standard lengths up to 3.0 metres. The system is available in black steel, galvanised and stainless steel.

Zig Zag™ joints are available in nail on that can be used with conventional timber boxing or free-standing models that incorporate unique installation feet that can be fix to site concrete or the building platform.

Features and Benefits

• Can be made to any length up to 3.0 metres

• Faster installation

• Multiple top plate thickness to suit dynamic / static loadings

• External straight edges easier to finish to

• Future-proof the build as the joint can be approached and transverse in any direction

• Faster material handling equipment (MHE) speeds

• Improved driver comfort



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