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Now you can solve the major problems associated with cleaning concrete equipment using a fast-working and safe product. Liquid Hammer® is the first non-corrosive cleaning compound designed specifically to remove build-up from concrete hauling, handling and finishing equipment. The chemical does all the hard work for you – and your equipment comes out clean, without any chipping or hammering.

Liquid Hammer is a water based and environmentally friendly chemical, for cleaning concrete and mortar off your machines, vehicles and tools. It can safely remove cement-based materials from almost any surface.

Liquid Hammer is not corrosive, making it safer for the user and equipment – even sensitive engine components can be cleaned without fear of damage.

The unique acid-free formula is absorbed by the concrete surface and breaks it back down into a paste that you can brush or wash off.

Liquid Hammer can be applied as foam, as well as a liquid. When sprayed on machinery, foam “clings” to vertical surfaces, allowing more effective cleaning with reduced wastage and run off.

As a liquid form, Liquid Hammer can be used to soak hand tools and forms. Liquid Hammer is formulated for “on site” usage. It is safe for use in applications where containment measures are not available to collect run-off. Equipment can be cleaned without fear of environmental hazards.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily remove heavy cement build-up in just a few applications
  • Remove moderate grease and oil residues for quick clean-up
  • HMIS 0-0-0 ratings. Equipment is safely cleaned by any operator
  • Save money by eliminating labour intensive removal methods and costly repainting
  • Paint, steel, composite components, polished aluminium, chrome, and glass are safely cleaned and protected
  • Use it on manufacturing, transport, transfer and processing equipment
  • Liquid Hammer exceeds EPA standards for biodegradability and environmental compliance
  • Liquid Hammer is VO exempt and complies with all regulatory standards for air quality including California AQMD




• Bare Steel

• Aluminium

• Fiberglass

• Brass

• Copper

• Plastic

• Glass


• Concrete

• Cement

• Grout

• Hard Water Deposits

• Mortar

• Mud

• Plaster

• Lime

• Lime Scale


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