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Easily removes dirt and other surface soils

Pentra-Clean™ (DC) is a daily cleaner that easily removes stains, dirt, grease and grime from concrete, terrazzo, natural stone and tile floor surfaces. Pentra-Clean™ (DC) is simple to use and has a neutral pH with no ammonia, alcohol or acid.

This product is concentrated for use with an automatic floor scrubber. Use soft brushes/soft pads. Never use aggressive brushes or pads on polished concrete.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily removes dirt and other surface soils
  • Leaves no residue that will dull or damage a floor or finish
  • Neutral pH cleaner



*Before application, always do a small test sample in a less-visible area to be sure there are no variables or contaminants in the substrate that may be incompatible with this product.

Daily cleaning with Pentra-Clean™ (DC) and periodic deep cleaning with Pentra-Clean™ (CR) is recommended to prolong the life of your surface.


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