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Biodegradable Single Use Wet Curing Blankets

When floor appearance is everything use UltraCureTM to provide thorough hydration, less discolouration and a more evenly cured slab. Unlike other single-use blankets which tend to dry out after 3-4 days, Ultracure NCFTM (Natural Cellulose Fabric) provides constant hydration and maintains a 100% relative humidity condition on the slab for the entire 7 day curing period.

UltraCure NCFTM also features a white reflective poly backing which provides constant visual reinforcement that the slab remains wet. The superior water retention ability of UltraCure NCFTM allows the blanket to absorb up to 208 litres of curing water per 150 square metre roll, providing the critical moisture required for the long-term wet curing of concrete surfaces.

Features and Benefits

• Provides superior hydration

• Uses a wet curing method to improve concrete performance.

• Biodegradable - Meets ASTM-1991, D-5511, D-5209.91, D-5338.98 for aerobic composting plastics

• Cost-Effective - Reduces material costs, installation labour, re-wetting time and costs, eliminates the need for costly storage and transportation of traditional wet    cure methods

• Lightweight - Each roll weighs approx. 23kg

• Easy-to-Use - Rolls out flat and stays flatter, reducing trapped air and discolouration. Requires no taping of seams.



Cover the entire surface area including edges of paving and sidewalks. Install UltraCure NCF moisture containing wet cure covering material as per manufacturer’s written instructions.


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