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Kmart Te Rapa

Kmart Te Rapa

type of project
Project location
Te Rapa, Hamilton
Project size
10,000m2 +
Roles that canzac played in this project
Product Recommendation and Supply

Project Challenge

Needing a level of protection that many architects are now seeking and to be inexpensive against costly failures in concrete construction.

The Canzac Solution

Stego Vapour Barrier

The most specified and used Vapour Barrier in the United States of America now available in New Zealand. Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier is made with our proven trade secret blend of prime virgin resins and additives. Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier is an ASTM E 1745 Class A Vapour Barrier.

Joint Free Slab

Joint free slabs use a plastic grid to induce a closely spaced network of fine cracks throughout the entire length and breadth of large-area slabs on grade, and thereby eliminate all traditional formed and sawn shrinkage control joints.

The Benefits & Results

Stego Vapour Barrier

  • Unsurpassed permeance characteristics
  • Life of the building protection
  • Exceptional tear and puncture resistance
  • Easy and reliable installation

Joint Free Slab

  • Thinner Slabs through simplified detailing
  • Full engineering design and support provided
  • Substantial savings in construction for all slabs
  • No sawn control joints means no filling of joints used to cast tilt panels
  • Lighter reinforcement due to nature of Joint Free Slab crack inducer grid
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