Ziwi Premium Pet Food Facility

Ziwi Premium Pet Food Facility

type of project
Project location
155 Awatoto Road, Auckland
Project size
10,000m2 +
Roles that canzac played in this project
Product Recommendation and Supply

Project Challenge

ZIWI had spent the past three years working with parties in evaluating a number of potential locations in the Tauranga region but has been unsuccessful in finding a site of sufficient size to meet their demanding needs and with the necessary infrastructure available in meeting the timeframe required.

The Canzac Solution

Canzac was engaged by the lead design engineers from “Strata Group” and the developers at the early design stage.

The Cosinus Slide is the only joint with guaranteed serviceability and structural design.

The Benefits & Results

A unique patented technology with the best possible load transfer system under extreme conditions thanks to the combined loadbearing capacity of the joint and the floor itself.

The durability of the floor is optimised for shock and vibration-free joint crossings regardless of the speed of forklifts. The durability of the floor in such an environment is key with enhanced profitability of operators and cost savings due to ease of use.

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