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PlaceMakers Kaiapoi

PlaceMakers Kaiapoi

type of project
Project location
17 Hakarau Road, Kaiapoi
Project size
5001m2 – 10,000m2
Roles that canzac played in this project
Product Recommendation and Supply

Project Challenge

Traditional Formwork has drawbacks because the wood has a relatively short lifespan and it is very time consuming especially for larger structures. What's an alternative that will speed up the construction process while maintaining superb quality over the life-time of the build?

The Canzac Solution


This pre-formed system can be delivered to your site in virtually any module size to fit any foundation or wall height required. With no cutting on site, you save both time and money.

Speed Form is constructed from wire mesh that is covered on both sides with a heat-shrink layer of polyethylene. Built structurally strong but lightweight, Speed Form is easy to handle on site. It is a very versatile formwork system that is ideal for radius applications and its installation is fast and easy.

Speed Form is supported by means of proprietary spacers attached to the reinforcement cage which transfer the backfill pressure onto it.

The Benefits & Results

  • Delivered on site pre-formed
  • Ideal for radius applications
  • Fast and easy to install
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