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Golden Bay Cement

Golden Bay Cement

type of project
Project location
7 Broughs Road, Harewood, Christchurch
Project size
10,000m2 +
Roles that canzac played in this project
Product Recommendation and Supply

Project Challenge

Golden Bay Cement are New Zealand's trusted manufacturers of the finest portland cement, so it only makes sense that we were the ones trusted enough to plan and construct their project with our top of the line products.

The Canzac Solution

Steel Fibres

The principle of all Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete is to provide discrete, discontinuous reinforcement and effective crack control.

Stego Vapour Barrier

Made with a proven trade secret blend of prime virgin resins and additives. Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier is an ASTM E 1745 Class A Vapour Barrier.


This pre-formed system is delivered to site in virtually any module size to fit any foundation or wall height required. With no cutting on site, it saves both time and money.

The Benefits & Results

Steel Fibres

  • Provides good impact, fatigue and shrinkage control in all grade concrete
  • Easy-to-use at high doses in high-performance pavements
  • Is suited for hand and laser screeding and conventional finishing
  • Is very good in post crack control (toughness)
  • Its positive mechanical anchorage gives exceptional three-dimensional post crack control

Stego Vapour Barrier

  • Unsurpassed permeance characteristics
  • Life of the building protection
  • Easy and reliable installation


  • Delivered on site pre-formed
  • Delivered to site in virtually any module size required
  • Fast and easy to install
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